PARS in the cloud

Interica offers cloud-based project archival, leveraging Wildfly’s open source application server.

The 4.4 release of Interica’s PARS upstream interpretation project archival system brings enhancements to security and cloud-enablement. A new ‘smart verify’ function is designed to support the migration of oil and gas data into cloud storage, adding data integrity checks and fine-grained control over the archival and retrieval process and costs.

PARS 4.4 generates an MD5 hash for each dataset prior to transfer that is included in the message sent to a cloud-based object storage solution such as Amazon S3.

The MD5 hash acts as a data integrity check, obviating the need for a byte-for-byte verification. For even greater security, a configurable amount of data can be read back from the object storage for additional verification, ‘further mitigating an already low corruption risk.’

PARS now also leverages the latest version of an ‘industry standard’ enterprise application server, Wildfly 10. Wildfly implements the Java enterprise edition 7 full and web profile standards. These minimize the number of ports required to run the application server and provide a platform for improved integration with other enterprise products, in particular, future versions of Interica’s IDS. Interica has certified its PARS product with most of the leading object storage providers.

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