SEG-Y Release 2.0

Society of Exploration Geophysicists rolls out 150 page update to venerable seismic data standard.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists has just released a major update to the venerable SEG-Y workhorse for seismic data exchange. SEG-Y Release 2.0 brings enhanced flexibility while maintaining a high degree of backward compatibility. Notable new features of SEG-Y include up to 65,535 additional 240 byte trace headers, unambiguous mapping of trace header contents and greatly increased sample and trace counts with arbitrarily large or small sample intervals.

SEG-Y R2 also support for little-endian and pair-wise byte swapping, microsecond time stamp accuracy and higher precision for coordinates, depths and elevation and more options for coordinate reference system specification. An optional XML-based extended text file header is available for ‘improved machine processing.’

An appendix describes writing SEG-Y to a byte stream without a record structure so it is possible to write SEG-Y data to disk or across the network. Other appendices cover compatibility between SEG-Y and SEG D Rev 3.0 via an RP66 storage unit tape label. Download the 150 page PDF specification from the SEG Technical Standards webpage.

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