dGB announces GeoDataCloud

JIP to deliver Netherlands geo-data from novel object store.

Enschede, Netherlands-headquartered dGB has initiated the GeoDataCloud, a joint industry project to make publicly-released sub-surface data in the Netherlands available in a cloud-based, interactive computing environment. The project, a partnership between dGB, SGS Subsurface Consultancy and Z-Terra, is supported by TNO with data contributions from the DINO/NLOG database.

The project involves the development of an internet portal that supports data search and streaming download of subsets of public data and value-added products. User companies will be able to rent private space to perform interpretations in the GeoDataCloud and to rent hardware and dGB’s OpendTect Pro+ seismic interpretation software for processing and interpreting data.

All datasets will undergo a QC process prior to being transferred to the environment as OpendTect projects. dGB is working on a new object storage capability in OpendTect Pro to speed cloud-based data access, along with a new seismic viewer that runs in a standard internet browser. When the initial project is completed, the expectation is that the GeoDataCloud will maintain itself as a commercial entity. Anchor tenant of the GeoDataCloud is Oranje Nassau.

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