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EnergyIQ’s head of business development on data management in the downturn, EnergyIQ’s JSON/XML data objects (announced at last year’s PNEC) and on the excitement of Elastic Search.

Data management must be feeling a bit fragile in the downturn..

It is always a challenge to make data management sexy! Bur we are doing well right now, our PPDM-based IQlifecycle well data management system which is popular as it provides client with visibility of their well data. Many companies do not have this today, which is pretty shocking really. Our IQexchange adds ETL and data integration via the upstream data objects we unveiled at last year’s PNEC.

The data objects JIP is now done?

Yes. The technology is now real and various components are deployed. We are also working with the major data providers and are committed to expose their data sources in a transactional form using the data objects.

What technology is under the hood?

We define our objects to be technology agnostic such that they can be used in .NET (Microsoft) or Java/XML environments. We provide a RESTful API to our database with JSON/XML objects exposed as web services. Data objects include well origin, completion event and so on. These group relevant attributes along with measures of data quality. Note that these objects are not technology centric. We don’t force Java or C# on the developer. In fact we deploy 4-5 different technologies internally.

How do you quantify quality?

With object and rules attributes that can be used to elevate an object according to a weighted score of all its quality measures. An object may for instance get a 95% quality rating.

At PNEC there was a suggestion that the objects might be open-sourced..

I wish I could provide a time line for this. We would like to move forward and transfer the technology to an association. PPDM is interested.

How do you handle search?

We are very excited with this. We use the open source, Lucene-based Elastic Search in IQinsights. This runs on top of PPDM increasing performance greatly. Elastic indexes everything and provides sub millisecond response times on a 100 million record set. We leverage Elastic to interface with other data sources, Aries, Quorum Land and clients’ in-house data.

What is in your database?

Our database is populated with whatever data the client is entitled to from the data vendors. We have also integrated with SAP and with Hadoop. We are not data providers, just data managers.

Do you build interpretation projects?

Sure. IQexchange has DecisionSpace and Geographix interfaces. We are constantly developing this kind of functionality.

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