Knowledge graph accelerates Maersk’s digital transformation

Maana’s AI to produce financial impact of ‘hundreds of millions of dollars.'

Speaking at the Gartner Data and analytics summit, Maana CEO Babur Ozden and Ibrahim Gokcen, chief digital officer with Maersk, explained how Maersk is using the Maana knowledge graph (MKG) to accelerate its digital transformation.

MKG has been deployed at Maersk’s shipping business where multiple, possibly conflicting, considerations of client needs, scheduling and vessel information are used to optimize operations. MKG facilitates collaboration amongst operations and port logistics experts. Using models of port omissions and routing constraints, all possible options are scored on time and cost.

As more inputs are added to the model, the Graph ‘grows, learns and adapts.’ With the MKG, Maersk reduced port re-routing decision time from 6 hours to 60 seconds. Financial impact is expected to ‘hundreds of millions of dollars.’ More from Maana.

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