Wireless world

WellAware/Landmark IRC. Freewave/Systech ITTT controller. NIST’s ‘factory in-a-box’ testbed.

WellAware recently announced its Integrated Radio and Controller (IRC) for oil and gas producers. Collecting real-time data from remote production sites can be ‘complex and cost prohibitive’ due to network, infrastructure or budget constraints. WellAware’s IRC offers is certified for hazardous locations and includes a store-and-forward feature to prevent data loss if the network disconnects. The IRC is also available as a service from Landmark’s DecisionSpace Production 365 platform.

FreeWave Technologies has partnered with IoT gateway specialist Systech on a tank level control application that resides on, and executes from FreeWave’s ZumLink Industrial IoT programmable radio for edge networks. The system includes an easy to use ‘ITTT’ (if-this-then-that) interface that controls analog, digital and RS485 devices. The solution embeds Systech’s SysScrip solution for remote and hard-to-reach environments.

NIST, has published a study of wireless systems for industrial environments znd on how radio frequency signals propagate in various environments. The analysis will be incorporated into a NIST ‘factory in a box’ test bed for future researchers to study the impacts on signal propagation in controlled laboratory conditions.

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