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Caesar SystemsPetroVR 12.1 claims ‘breakthrough’ multi-core computing speed, new audit/validation functions and multi-well simulations for shale projects.

Estimages and Eliis have announced ‘IF,’ interpretative seismic filtering, that combines fine scale interpretation and non-stationary factorial kriging.

Petrolink’s RigMetrix computes KPIs for benchmarking, monitoring and reporting on single and multi-rig drilling programs.

GeoLogic Systems’ adds a new Frac Analysis module to geoSCOUT 8.4, providing detailed fracturing data from ‘WCFD,’ the recently-acquired well completions and frac database.

FracGeo has announced DrillPredictor for Shale 2.0 a cloud-based web service for geosteering unconventional wells and optimizing completions.

The R5.0 release of P2 Land streamlines user workflows with a new file dashboard, dual monitor capability and better query.

A new simulator add on to WellMaster RMS predicts well interventions, downtime and OPEX costs for maintenance programs.

Kappa Workstation v5.12 includes a pre-release version of the Citrine field performance analysis module. An Azurite interactive explainer for formation testing is also available.

Paradigm’s E&P interpretation suite is now available from the Microsoft Azure cloud. The software is delivered either for management in-house or by Paradigm.

The 2.7.1 release of Troika’s Midi seismic data analysis tool now displays RODE metadata in a table of content output file.

PetroWeb has announced a web-based data manager for EDB, its enterprise well lifecycle database.

Startup Exigo has launched a collaboration app for oil and gas teams to ‘securely communicate and capture knowledge.’ A ‘knowledge network’ incorporates production volumes, pressure data and alarms,’ viewable through a map interface and asset activity feed.

NeoFirma has announced an oil and gas tailored business intelligence solution, bringing cloud-based data visualization and analytics to smaller independents without large IT resources.

Phusion IM has deployed new ‘buyer personas’ to make its process engineering and facilities management software available to small and medium-sized clients. The company also announced Phusion Onsite, a new data collection app.

New Century Software’s Pipeline Portal leverages out-of-the-box Esri tools and pipeline GIS data management best practices to address common operator needs. Implementation of Esri ArcGIS for Pipelines is available as a service option.

Coreworx 7.1 introduces an integrated packaging of engineering and construction work processes, bringing a complete set of documents and data to all stakeholders and a link between interface management and contract management.

Hifi Engineering has successfully demonstrated its HDS fiber optic based leak detection technology. The tests were performed in collaboration with C-Core and the LookNorth Canadian national center of excellence for commercialization and research.

The 2.0 release of IT Vizion’s Operational Excellence gathers KPIs, KOPs, indicators and limits that are ‘scattered around too many systems’ into a single application. Users can now manage indicators regardless of their source data.

Wand’s Oil and gas taxonomy now features over 2,000 terms and almost 700 synonyms covering the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. The taxonomy targets oil and gas document management initiatives.

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