'Practical’ Industrial Internet of Things offering spearheaded from Silicon Valley HQ.

Yokogawa reports that IIoT* technology is now ‘ready for practical use,’ thanks to advances in network technology, the availability of low-cost, large-capacity data communications and the move of corporate information systems to the cloud. Yokogawa’s IIoT has been enabled thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, FogHorn Systems, Bayshore Networks and Telit IoT Platforms. All of whom are to integrate their technologies into an IIoT architecture for the delivery of new services that are set to ‘transform Yokogawa’s business model.’

The initiative is driven from Yokogawa’s architecture development division, to be co-located at Foghorn’s Silicon Valley HQ. Yokogawa’s IIoT architecture will integrate the cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, FogHorn’s ‘fog/edge’ computing solution, Bayshore’s OSI layer 7*3 security and Telit’s wireless communication modules, sensor onboarding, and device management.

The plan is for plug-and-play business process applications, ‘sensing clouds’ with automatic provisioning, database and historians in the cloud, all tied together with an application development environment. Yokogawa recently made separate $900,000 investments in both Bayshore and Foghorn. More from Yokogawa.

* Industrial internet of things.

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