OSIsoft adds TIF-backed TrendMiner AI to portfolio

Belgian machine learning specialist adds self service analytics to PI System.

OSIsoft, developer of the PI System, has signed with TrendMiner, a unit of Belgium-headquartered DSquare, adding the latter’s ‘advanced self-service predictive analytics’ technology to the OSIsoft portfolio.

TrendMiner is a long-term OSIsoft technology partner. The new agreement positions TrendMiner as an integral part of the OSIsoft ecosystem, ‘strengthening the existing partnership and increasing alignment in product development.’

TrendMiner is a high-performance analytics engine for time series data. TrendMiner CEO Bert Baeck said, ‘Self-service analytics needs more than just a historian, it needs a powerful infrastructure. This is why we have leveraged OSIsoft’s technology in our solution. In addition, the OSIsoft ecosystem benefits both us and our customers.’

TrendMiner uses pattern recognition and machine learning. Users can query PI System data directly with Google-like searches to identify process trends and locate past similar behavior and spot problems or determine the ‘golden fingerprint’ for optimal processes.

TrendMiner reported ‘250% growth’ for 2016 from rapid adoption of its software. Also in 2016, the company received a $1.1 million investment from The Innovation Fund, an EU investment vehicle backed by BASF, Solvay, Arkema and Total.

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