ExxonMobil’s drilling data modeling and analytics for Pason

Drilling advisory system a.k.a. Fast Drill licensed for third party use.

ExxonMobil has licensed its patented Drilling Advisory System (DAS) to Calgary-headquartered Pason Systems. DAS embeds ExxonMobil’s Fast Drill technology that combines full-physics modeling of drilling with structured well planning and design to ‘identify limiters and maximize performance.’ ExxonMobil’s drilling rate has improved 80% since it introduced Fast Drill over a decade ago. DAS automates and enables Fast Drill in real time with proprietary data modeling and data analytics.

Exxon has tested Fast Drill on nine fields to date. The application of the Fast Drill process is (rather curiously) measured in terms of an annual energy saving ‘equivalent to removing 1,200 cars from the road’ through a reduction in fuel use and a decrease in emissions.

Pason president and CEO Marcel Kessler said, ‘Exxon’s DAS extends our portfolio of technologies that improve the efficiency of drilling operations. We worked with ExxonMobil through the development and field demonstration phases of this project that resulted in the grant of this license.’ More from Pason.

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