'Leonardo’ IoT announced. Accenture’s hydrocarbon logistics.

SAP to unveil $2 billion internet of things offering. Accenture expands SAP collaboration.

German software behemoth SAP has announced a ‘jump-start enablement program’ for its internet of things (IoT) ‘innovation portfolio.’ The program is intended to help customers connect the emerging world of intelligent devices with people and processes to achieve tangible business outcomes. Rather immodestly, SAP has named its yet-to-be IoT ‘SAP Leonardo’ after the renaissance master who ‘ushered in a groundbreaking era of science and discovery.’

Leonardo represents a €2 billion over five years investment that is to provide ‘adaptive applications’, big data and connectivity in packaged solutions for line-of-business and industry use cases such as connected products, assets and infrastructure.

Leonardo builds on the EU’s Industrie 4.0 R&D initiative. The worldwide jump start program includes consulting services from SAP experts to match IoT innovations with customer strategies in ‘achievable pilots with a clear path to business value.’ Leonardo will launch next July at KAP Europa in Frankfurt.


In a separate announcement, SAP and Accenture are to expand their collaboration in the oil and gas industry with two cloud-based initiatives. The Connected hydrocarbons logistics solution and an expanded Upstream production operations solution. Both will leverage the latest SAP technologies, SAP S/4HANA, the cloud and SAP’s role-based ‘Fiori’ GUI.

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