eCompliance rolls-out Safety Intelligence

Cloud-based best practices, reporting and analytics platform for EHS professionals.

Toronto-headquartered eCompliance has launched ‘Safety Intelligence,’ a cloud-based analytics and reporting platform. Safety Intelligence provides a cross-company view of real-time risk, enabling health and safety professionals to proactively detect, control and reduce workplace hazards. The eCompliance mobile app connects workers to head office, creating a two-way conversation. Safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions while executives gain a comprehensive view of safety risk across the company.

eCompliance CEO Adrian Bartha said, ‘EHS* departments capture a lot of critical data, but have lacked the ability to use it in real-time. Safety Intelligence provides executives with safety performance visibility across the organization. With powerful analytics, EHS professionals can quickly identify risk and prevent incidents from occurring.’

The solution includes a library of safety reports, based on best practices from over 300 EHS professionals. Data is analyzed and viewed in site-specific interactive dashboards to create and track custom KPIs and charts. Stakeholders receive reports on safety performance, helping predict and prevent incidents.

Safety Intelligence targets users in hazardous industries including construction, energy, utilities and infrastructure services to ‘understand and eliminate risk through dynamic data visualizations and interactive safety analytics.’ More from eCompliance.

* Environment, health and safety.

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