Predix, Maana converge

GE and Maana’s ‘intertwined vision’ realized in converged, cloud-based industrial internet. Predix meets EKT, the ‘Enterprise knowledge technology.'

Mike Dolbec, who heads-up the digital infrastructure investments at GE Ventures recently explained the rationale between Maana, a company the GEV is backing financially, and GE’s own industrial internet initiative. Maana’s ‘Enterprise knowledge technology’ (EKT) powers critical decision support workflows of some of the world’s largest industrial companies. GE’s Predix is a cloud-based operating system for industrial applications.

EKT is claimed to ‘go beyond data lakes and data-centric technologies,’ allowing experts to ‘understand and exploit the relationships between data, physical properties and processes.’ EKT lets users develop of ‘hundreds of at-scale models for asset optimization.’

In the past three years, Maana has executed on a vision that is ‘uniquely intertwined’ with GE’s. Predix and EKT have now ‘converged into a solution for industrial companies’ digital transformation.’

GE is a pioneer in the field of the digital twin, a digital representation of a physical asset. The twin combines physics-based modeling, data and artificial intelligence to understand the past and predict future outcomes. More on GE’s digital twin in our on-the-spot report from the GE Oil &Gas Florence event in next month’s Oil IT Journal.

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