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Phusion Onsite, Blue Marble talks to Petrel, Cegal/Blueback velocity modeling, CNPC announces iPreSeis, CMR Prototech images flow in pipes, Advosol’s EasyUA, Thin Anywhere - free at last, Safe Software’s FME 2017, LMKR’s GVERSE eStore (and GeoGraphix), Lynx upgrades vectorizing software, Beicip OpenFlow Petrel link, Petrosys 17.8, Rock Flow Dynamics new tNavigator, Schlumberger’s Ocean Framework community helps unemployed geoscientists.

Engineering data specialist Phusion IM has released Phusion Onsite, offering mobile access to its engineering data management solution. The solution runs on Apple and Android devices or on ATEX-certified endpoints. RFID and QR scanners are supported and the system can capture in-field imagery of defects.

Blue Marble GeographicsGeographic Calculator 2016 SP2 includes a new tool for reading and writing coordinate system definitions to a Petrel CTL database.

Blueback Rocks Velocity, a new Petrel plugin from Cegal, is claimed to simplify and speed velocity model building workflows.

China National Petroleum Corporation has announced ‘iPreSeis,’ an application that ‘uses seismological waves to image and quantitatively predict oil and other reserves.’ The new software ‘promises to break the monopoly of international companies in the sector.’

CMR Prototech has delivered a new gamma-ray tomograph to the Saskatchewan Research Council. The device can fluid flow inside pipes of 4” diameter.

Advosol has released its EasyUA client SDK, a suite of .NET classes for communications with an OPC-UA server.

Thin Anywhere has renegotiated its agreement with Schlumberger and can now independently market its remote 3D visualization technology.

Safe Software has announced FME 2017.0 with ‘better performance, ease-of-use, and more formats and transformers.’

LMKR has opened the Gverse e-Store, and online store for geoscience applications. Along with the Gverse apps, the GeoGraphix suite will be available online real soon now.

Lynx has announced release 2.9 of its Leassv seismic vectorizing solution. Leassv produces SEG-Y format trace files from scanned images of seismic sections. Bundled software from Snowbound provides support for some 60 raster file formats.

Beicip has released a Petrel plugin for the 2016 edition of OpenFlow Suite providing bi-directional exchange grids, wells, horizons and faults. A CougarFlow link drives Petrel workflows inside a ‘big loop’ from the geological model to the fluid flow simulator.

The 17.8 release of Petrosys Pro leverages web map services for improved map display. OpenWorks connectivity has been enhanced and support has been added for IHS/SMT Kingdom fault sticks.

The 4.2.6 release of Rock Flow Dynamics’ tNavigator fluid flow simulator includes a new PVT designer module with options for component selection, experiments, lab data and automated matching of selected parameters. Read the release note here and a newly published use case here.

Schlumberger has announced the Ocean Framework collaborative partner program offering unemployed geoscientists Ocean Framework licenses to ‘bring your innovative technology to market through the Ocean Store.’

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