Devon Canada’s e-well file

Holistic well data repository puts PPDM’s ‘what is a well?' standard through its paces.

Speaking at the Calgary geoscience data managers’ society late last year, Floy Baird presented Devon Canada’s well data management initiative, an attempt to deploy an electronic well file (eWF), a ‘repository for all electronic well content that compose a well file for the entire well lifecycle, attached to the corporate well identity record.’ Today, Devon has a ‘maturing’ environment from which well identity, data services, integrations and eWF content are accessible. Foundation of the system is the well hub, a single, trusted source of well identity data. A unique Devon UWI, reconciles key descriptors across source systems to maintain integrity and allow for integration reporting/analytics. The PPDM ‘What Is a Well?’ analysis helped create components and relationships. The system also captures and maintains an audit trail of changes, including system of record IDs. The PPDM logic has been tested across some 15 cases from a simple vertical well through sidetracks, multi-leg wells and Devon’s ‘uptrack’ SAGD wells.

Content can be harvested into a Dropbox, emailed or dragged onto a well tree. Almost a million artifacts have been captured and classified automatically. A Sharepoint/Spotfire interface provides end users with access to the eWF data. Read Baird’s presentation here.

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