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Notes from the blogosphere - GeoGeek, Ryder Scott, Ipcos, Carnegie Mellon.

Safe Software’s Tiana Warner has authored the ‘GeoGeek’s guide to Planet’s satellite imagery.’ Planet is ‘revolutionizing’ earth observation with real-time data from low altitude ‘smallsats.’ Smallsats are ‘easier, faster, and cheaper to make and launch than traditional satellites’ and can capture almost continuous images of the earth. Warner looks into new use cases including real time monitoring of ships, wells and pipelines. Planet recently acquired Google’s Terra Bella/SkySat business.

Ryder Scott reports that the SPE’s proposal to allow the booking of ‘uneconomic proved reserves’ under its 2017 PRMS if the project’s 2P case was economic has been dropped following ‘resistance’ from sister societies involved in drafting the guidelines and the fact that the SEC requires all reserves to be economic.

Ipcos is ‘getting real’ with the Internet of Things for the Digital Oilfield and has just ordered a Siemens IoT gateway and is developing well data analytics tools on Linux.

A new publication from Carnegie Mellon traces the ‘Technical History of the software engineering institute.’ The free, 300 plus page publication traces the Institute’s achievements since 1984 (yes really!) to the present day and offers a glimpse into the future of software engineering.

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