Seismic interpretation on Mars

Researchers use SeisWare’s technology to study past Martian climate.

It’s not every day that seismic interpretation software gets to be used in outer space. But a recent publication from Nathaniel Putzig and Fritz Foss shows how SeisWare’s eponymous seismic interpretation package.

The researchers have used SeisWare to visualize shallow radar data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter which has been observing the Martian poles and other regions since 2006. The data has been consolidated into 3-D volumes that show polar ice coverage for the north and south poles of the planet.

The data is providing researchers with a better understanding of how the ice and climate have changed. Scientists found possible impact craters, ice layers that may highlight periods of climate change, and large volumes of frozen carbon dioxide in the south pole’s ice cap. More from SeisWare and from an article in Seeker.

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