Patent potpourri

ION, WesternGeco, Transocean, Noble, Wavefront, ITS, Certified, Yokogawa, TDE, Sipco, NXT.

ION Geophysical has been ordered to pay $22 million royalty damages and interest prior to a final judgment in respect of its ongoing, seven year lawsuit with WesternGeco. ION reports that it has ‘right sized’ its business and built some $80 million liquidity to both fund this payment and support operations.

Transocean has initiated a patent infringement suit against Noble in respect of the latter’s dual-activity drillship, the Bob Douglas. The vessel’s design is claimed to infringe Transocean’s US patent N° 6,047,781 for a ‘multi-activity offshore exploration and development drilling method and apparatus.’

Wavefront has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Impact Technology Systems and others alleging infringement of its US patent No. 6,405,797, a.k.a. ‘Enhancement of flow rates through porous media.’

Certified Measurement has filed a suit against Yokogawa for alleged infringement of patents covering sensor-based measurement and cryptographic certification of its Fast/Tools scada system.

A US court has ruled as invalid TDE Petroleum Data Solutions’ patent for oil well management technology, supporting a lower court’s ruling that that Supreme Court’s ‘Alice’ standard for abstract inventions rendered the drill-sensor analysis as unpatentable.

Sipco LLC has claimed infringement by Emerson and BP of, inter alia, its US patent N° 7,697,492 a.k.a. Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling remote devices.

NXT Energy Solutions has been granted a patent for its stress field detection technology.

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