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Quantico Energy Solutions has released QOpt, a AI-based drilling optimization solution. QOpt computes real-time unconfined compressive strength ‘with the same accuracy as open-hole logging tools. QOpt recommends optimal drilling parameters and provides real-time formation tops. Quantico is backed by Shell and Statoil.

The latest release of Interica Pars supports Azure storage destinations. Users can direct Pars archives to Azure-enabled storage devices using the Azure Blob protocol/interface. Also new is automated rule-based archiving and an updated connector for Blueback’s Project Tracker via a partnership with Cegal.

Elsevier has announced a new release of Springer Nature SciGraph and Data Explorer. SciGraph is a linked open data platform aggregating data sources from Nature and other partners from the ‘scholarly domain.’ Datasets are being distributed as RDF data along with an ontology and SKOS taxonomies.

Esri has announced GIS Tutorial 1 for ArcGIS Pro, covering map making along with creating, managing and analyzing spatial data. The book by Wilpen Gorr and Kristen Kurland is available in print and as an e-book, both at $99.99.

Getac’s new EX80 secure, ruggedized Window 10 tablet is certified for use in Zone 0 ATEX, IECEx et UL913 environments presenting a potential risk of explosion.

The 8.6 release of GeoLogic SystemsGeoScout front end includes a redesigned ownership analysis tool, a new land listing report and well ticket improvements.

Australian Imago has come up with a neat way of capturing geologic information from drilling cuttings. The system uses a smartphone or rail-mounted GoPro to capture high resolution images of the chip tray for subsequent stitching and cataloguing with Imago’s software.

Justcroft International has announced JustImage 5.2.03 with new search functionality, more supported devices and AES 128 bit encryption for PDF generation.

The 2017.1 release of LMKR’s GeoGraphix includes Gverse, a new integrated 3D geomodeling platform.

dGB has released OpendTect v6.2 with enhanced CRS management, RGB blending, Shapefile support, and neural network-based property prediction.

MeadCo’s ScriptX provides ‘consistent and efficient’ printing from Internet Explorer. ScriptX targets oil and gas authoring of daily reports, equipment lists, identification badges and barcoded labels.

Seisware has extracted the coordinate conversion routine from its geophysical interpretation package and has repackaged it as free software. The package converts full files, not just single points.

Tendeka reports the successful launch of PulseEight, ‘revolutionary’ wireless intelligent completion technology for the digital oilfield and Cascade3, new sand control technology that improves recovery and the lifetime of water injection wells.

Kepware’s KepServerEX Version 6.4 integrate ‘smart factory’ initiatives with traditional industrial automation systems. Updates include a new MQTT client driver, improved server performance, and store and forward capability for ThingWorx.

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