Schlumberger upgrades Houston reservoir rock and fluids lab

New offerings for microfluidics, digital rock and fluid services and ‘cognitive’ Delfi.

Schlumberger’s expanded reservoir rock and fluid analysis laboratory in Houston provides physical and digital rock and fluid analysis. Technologies deployed at the Houston Reservoir Laboratory include Maze microfluidic SARA* analysis, Malcom fluid characterization software and CoreFlow digital rock and fluid analytics services.

All of the above is now said to be integrated with insights from field and lab measurements into Schlumberger’s recently announced Delfi ‘cognitive’ E&P environment. Hinda Gharbi, president, Reservoir Characterization Group said, ‘Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way the E&P industry works. Expansion of the Houston Reservoir Laboratory accelerates customers’ access to our proprietary technologies, digital models and petrotechnical domain expertise to overcome technical challenges across the life of the field.’ The lab also houses the Schlumberger Production Technologies Center for chemicals R&D.

* saturates, aromatics, resins, and asphaltenes.

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