Norway’s Geonorge portal aligns to EU Inspire directive

EPIM tasks Kartverket,the Norwegian Mapping Authority with oil and gas reporting pilot.

Speaking at the ECIM data management conference in Haugesund, Norway earlier this year Njål Tengs Abrahamsen of Kartverket, the Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA) presented Geonorge, Norway’s national geoportal. Norway’s Epim trade body has mandated NMA to implement a range of oil and gas data documentation and reporting functions with ‘possible’ implementation in 2018.

Kartverket’s mapping initially followed the European Space Agency’s Spatial Observation Services and Infrastructure (SOSI). The SOSI feature catalogue is now in the process of a ‘gradual alignment’ with Norway’ Geodata act, based on the more recent EU Inspire directive. According to Abrahamsen, Norway now mandates Inspire’s model-based data production. At the output end, Atom feeds and web feature services are deployed to ensure ‘predictable and machine readable’ data. A REST API is also available for developers. Geonorge’s coverage is impressive and includes raster and vector data for land use, wildlife, hydro power, cadastral data, Lidar, offshore bathymetry and other earth resource information.

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