Price intelligence news:, ClipperData, Eqlim, OPIS disrupts. ClipperData and Eqlim combine. OPIS' persona-based price reports. is offering ‘confidential’ oil price information ‘for free’ in an attempt to ‘disrupt traditional model for oil price data and analysis.’ is taking on the ‘entrenched players that charge hefty subscription fees.’ Founder James Stafford, said, ‘Accurate prices for different crude oil blends are notoriously opaque. People spend tens of thousands of dollars per year for the privilege. It’s infuriating!’

Crude and petroleum cargo tracking boutique ClipperData has teamed Eqlim, a specialist real-time, open source intelligence and event detection, on ‘Impact Alerts’ (IA). IA ‘goes beyond reporting with concise, quantitatively-based interpretation.’ Events such as wars, refinery incidents and oil spills are captured along with data on affected capacities and flows. Eqlim CEO, Hassan Alassaad said, ‘We fill a gap in the market by connecting open-source signals with physical distribution infrastructure and trade flows.’

IHS Markit’s Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), the price reporting agency for oil, natural gas and biofuels industries revamped its website adding new persona-based functions and a rejuvenated blog covering the downstream.

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