Tibco’s Connected Intelligence for Nabors

Driller to leverage Spotfire and Streambase as foundation of real time drilling analytics.

Tibco Software has announced a partnership with driller Nabors Industries to leverage the Tibco connected intelligence portfolio as the foundation of Nabors’ real-time drilling analytics. The solution will incorporate Tibco’s algorithmic modelling into streaming analytics and will (curiously) ‘utilize Tibco’s extensive customer base in upstream oil and gas.’

Tibco’s Mark Palmer said, ‘The Industrial IoT is transforming industry. Smart drilling is a disruptive way of delivering value to the energy market. Real-time drilling analytics will leverage machine learning models and enable make IoT-fueled decisions on streaming data, as conditions change.’

Tibco applications including Spotfire and StreamBase will be deployed alongside Nabor’s industry expertise and IP to optimize drilling operations. Tibco also provides connectivity to industry data sources including WITSML, WITS, and OSI Pi.

Nabors CIO Sri Valleru added, ‘We are changing the way wells are drilled. Monitoring and measuring everything we do offers greater transparency in performance. By capturing data that has never been available before we can continuously raise the bar of our operations.’

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