Deloitte brings Foroil’s optimization to upstream

Patented technology developed for defense and nuclear to increase brownfield performance.

Deloitte is to bring to market ‘digital oil recovery’ (DOR) technology developed by French modeling and optimization specialist Foroil. DOR was originally developed for the nuclear and defense industries and now the subject of three US patents*. The ‘exclusive’ collaboration targets increasing production and reserves from conventional oilfields with more than seven years of operating history. Deloitte brings its consulting and implementation services to the table.

Foroil founder and chairman Hugues de Saint Germain, a former director of Elf Aquitaine Production, said, ‘Past data tells a story about the dynamic behavior of a reservoir. But the industry needs a Rosetta Stone to translate the story into actionable plans.’ Deloitte’s Scott Sanderson added, ‘This could have as much impact on the industry as 3D seismic!’

DOR processes 15 million development plans overnight to identify the optimal development plan. Modest ‘20%’ production and reserve increases have been ‘routinely generated with little to no capital expenditures.’ ‘More aggressive’ capital programs have generated ‘growth of over 50%.’ More from Foroil.

* US 8,412,501, US 8,532,968 and US 9,031,821.

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