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Statoil runs Valemon shoreside. DNV remote witness for NDT. Olympus shares remote video.

Statoil has inaugurated its land-based control room for the Valemon field in Sandsli, Bergen. Valemon is Statoil’s first platform that was designed and built for remote control. Valemon’s smaller, standardized building blocks can be assembled differently from field to field, to optimize operations. The solution targets small and medium-sized fields where remote control is appropriate. Valemon came on stream in 2015, 30 years after its discovery.

In a separate announcement, Librestream and Olympus have teamed on another ‘remoting’ activity, allowing non-destructive testing experts to assist field workers with remote visual inspection. Olympus uses Librestream’s Onsight platform to share live visuals with remote experts for rapid decision making. The solution combines the Olympus Scientific Cloud with Librestream’s Onsight Connect collaboration software and the Onsight 400R collaboration hub edge device.

DNV GL is also working remotely with the introduction of ‘remote witnessing’ for independent verification surveys. The solution was developed in response to the EU Offshore Safety Directive that has increased demand for independent verification. Remote witnessing is performed by an onsite technician with a smartphone backed up with software and support from an onshore surveyor.

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