C3 IoT for Origin Energy’s integrated gas business

Skunk works project matures into ‘unified, federated, multi-terabyte’ cloud solution.

C3 IOT’s Amazon web services (AWS) internet of things, as selected by France’s Engie in 2016 for its digital transformation, has been deployed by Australia’s Origin Energy’s upstream division across some 2,000 coal seam gas wells. The initiative began as a well-publicized ‘skunk works’ project to leverage the cloud before onboarding Tom Siebel*’s C3IOT.

The solution involves an AI/machine learning application that target the healthy running of over 600 progressive cavity pumps. C3’s well output forecasting application has also been deployed to predict well potential before drilling, optimize well placement and maximize production.

Historical production data was ingested into a ‘unified, federated, multi-terabyte’ cloud image, augmented with current production data, logs, geoscience interpretations and engineering/equipment information.

The system is claimed to convert all of the above into predictive models that enable ‘rapid development and deployment of insights to the field.’

Origin’s Maia Schweizer won the IoT category at the 2017 Constellation Research SuperNova awards, pipping Engie’s Dylan Gunatilake at the post. More from C3 IoT.

* Former CEO of Sybase and founder of the Siebel Energy Institite.

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