SICPA partners with Arundo Analytics

Authentication and track & trace specialist teams with big data analytical startup to help governments monitor oil and gas operations and assure regulatory compliance.

Switzerland-based Sicpa, a provider of authentication and track & trace solutions to governments, has teamed with Oslo-headquartered Arundo Analytics. Arundo, set up in 2015 by a group of former McKinsey executives, is a specialist in the application of advanced analytics to industrial operations. The partnership sets out to help governments monitor oil and gas operations to assure compliance with regulations.

Sicpa’s experience to date is as a provider of solutions across multiple value chains such as banknotes, value documents, excise tax-eligible goods and fuel marking. Arundo’s software will add scalable data science applications for static and streaming oil and gas data. The ‘data-driven and IoT-enabled’ compliance system will assure the trustworthy management of the hydrocarbon supply chain integrity, reducing the risk of fraud (theft, diversion, adulteration) in both crude oil and refined product applications.

The latest (December 2017) release of Arundo’s toolset enhances deployment of the company’s ‘Edge Agent’ that enables industrial analytics in rugged, remote or disconnected environments. Updates to the Arundo Fabric, a cloud-based hub for data models, allow users to view master lists of tags and sensors streaming data in real-time and access real-time status of deployed models

Ellie Dobson, Arundo VP Data Science said, ‘Arundo automates the work and technical infrastructure required to turn desktop data science models into enterprise-scale machine learning applications, enabling users to focus on data science, rather than on software engineering, model front-end development, or other IT issues.’ Arundo’s flagship client in oil and gas is Statoil.

Founded in 1927, Sicpa was originally a provider of security inks for banknotes. Its identification, traceability and authentication solutions have since expanded into product authentication, traceability, proof of origin and tax reconciliation.

Back in 2016 Arundo CEO and founder Tor Jakob Ramsoy told SMi E&P Data Management conference attendees of a ‘perfect storm’ about to hit oil and gas, driven by the internet of things, the cloud and by data science with ‘deep learning exploding across the whole industry.’ In a prescient remark in view of the Sipca deal, Ramsoy advocated ‘data transparency across value chain.’

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