FuseIM readies for geophysical micro-services

FuseIM reports win for master data repository, envisages move to Docker-style microservices.

Following its acquisition by Meera/Target, FuseIM has won its first major contract for its PPDM 3.9-based master data store (MDS). Oil IT Journal caught up with FuseIM CTO Jamie Cruise at ECIM last month. Cruise began by showing a tablet-based GUI for MDS with the backend running in the AWS cloud. The idea is to break the dependency between application software and the data platform.

Fuse is looking now to further leverage the cloud with an Amazon web services S3 tape interface for SEG-Y data manipulation. This is in anticipation of a new Docker-style microservices architecture. Cruise opined, ‘the old guard is wedded to classic IT but today’s cost pressures are making the industry look at these new solutions.’

The microservices architecture will be supported with GraphQL* and .NET-based APIs for connectivity with standard industry packages such as Petrel. JSON style data access makes for efficient query of data stored in Oracle or SQL Server instances and for bulk data retrieval from the S3 cloud. More from FuseIM.

* As used by Facebook.

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