Honeywell instruments Statoil’s Valemon remote operations

Human factors study and Experion technology enable operator teams to relocate shoreside.

A recent presentation by Gjert Gkertsen on human factors and remote operations focused on Statoil’s North Sea Valemon platform. The gas and condensate field is in production since 2015 with ongoing drilling and currently operated from a control room on the platform. Statoil is planning to move control from the platform to a shore based replicated control center and to operate the field remotely from Sandsli near Bergen.

Gjetrsen’s presentation describes the planned ‘periodically unmanned’ operations and the fail-safe mechanisms that have been implemented. These leverage Honeywell’s automation technology, notably the Experion process knowledge system.

Honeywell is the EPC automation contractor for Valemon and will provide a range of control and safety technologies for the project including new operator stations and critical alarm panels at the onshore center. Honeywell claims the system will simplify remote operations and reduce operating costs. More on Valemon here.

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