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OPC-UA selected for Statoil’s OneIMS initiative. IOGC reviews ECIM ILAP standard. US Metric Association’s 100th birthday. EU interop reference architecture. CFA endorses XBRL financials.

Statoil is to leverage the OPC-UA communications standard in its ‘OneIMS’ initiative. OneIMS represents a unified way of accessing operational data from different assets from enterprise systems, with a standard protocol and stand data semantics. Prediktor AS’s Apis platform will act as the OneIMS OPC-UA C UA gateway, with standards such as S95, Prodml and Witsml mapped to the OPC-UA semantic model. First deployment is on Statoil’s Johan Sverdrup field. Statoil has an option for a ‘complete rollout’ to all Statoil assets.

The International organization of oil producers is currently reviewing ECIM’s draft international integrated lifecycle asset planning standard (Ilap). Ilap terminologies are published along with the model documentation.

We missed Metric Week (again!). Moreover, 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the US Metric Association that is helping the US ‘complete’ its transition to the metric system.

Proceeding at a comparable speed is the EU’s drive for an ‘interoperability reference architecture’ for e-government. Read The Open Group’s interview with program manager Raul Abril.

The CFA Institute has published a report on the transformation of the financial landscape by data and technology. The report provides a strong endorsement to structured financial reporting in XBRL as opposed to PDF documents and argues for additional company-specific extensions to the protocol. XBRL International has formed an entity-specific disclosures task force to work on the issues.

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