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Schneider Electric has announced a Unit performance suite for oil and gas, a bundle providing closed-loop, real-time optimization, monitoring and workflow for refineries.

dGB has released OpendTect v6.0.4 with a new, inversion-based approach to creating 3D horizon cubes. dGB has also opened the OpendTect Pro Webstore, facilitating access to OpendTect Pro and its commercial plugins. Software modules can be rented from the webstore.

MVE’s Move2017 adds a new ribbon-style interface, a 3D PDF export option, 3D rendering of multiple layers and map overlays and the ability to transfer volume attributes into Petrel.

V3.0 of Integrated InformaticsGeomancy Decision Engine adds functionality for offshore routing and enhanced well pad siting capability for the inclusion of faults and fault zones. Geomancy is now compatible with ArcGIS 10.3 up and is said to be ‘ArcGIS Pro-ready.’

Retina, a ‘next generation’ reservoir simulator from Iran’s Engineering support and technology development (ESTD) is optimized with a suite of solvers that promise a ‘stable solution with large time steps in huge, complex reservoirs.’

A new version of Exprodat’s Unconventionals Analyst ArcGIS desktop extension (V222) allows users to create well pads and laterals across sets of contiguous sections, view all results in 3D and assess compliance with the SPEE Monograph 3 reserve estimation protocol. Exprodat has also updated its Data Assistant, now compatible with ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 and 10.4.1 and adding new data formats. Microseismic data can now be represented with ‘beach-ball’ plots of foci, magnitude and orientation.

V 18 of Blue Marble GeographicsGlobal Mapper adds functionality for 3D data visualization and processing with dynamic rendering of terrain and LiDAR data and concurrent display of multiple terrain surfaces. A new ‘infinite view’ displays all loaded 3D data and dynamic rendering updates map detail on zoom in. A new flexible single user license facilitates work between office and field.

Venture Information Management’s Lead 2 Asset solution leverages a SharePoint-based portal, GIS software and Logi Analytics’ business intelligence platform to display key reserves, subsurface, licence and production information for the entire corporate portfolio.

Cognitive Geology has announced ‘Hutton,’ a scenario-based property modeling plugin for Petrel that develops geologically realistic alternatives prior to geostatistical workflows.

Schlumberger’s Petrel GeoTesting plug-in features global sensitivity analysis to target geological features of interest and incorporate geological uncertainty into well test design and execution.

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