Alberta Energy Regulator on future regulatory IT

PPDM meet hears of AER vision for ‘agile’ reference architecture.

Speaking at a PPDM Association Houston data management event earlier this year, Pavan Kumar of the Alberta Energy Regulator outlined the AER’s vision for ‘future regulatory systems.’ AER is working on a reference architecture that is intended to assure efficiency in its overall energy development activities adding ‘agility’ across the energy lifecycle. A modern user experience is needed to help provide transparency to all stakeholders.

The project begins with an integrated decision model and capability map of AER’s business including a standardized ‘risk informed’ processes to drive regulatory oversight. The life-cycle approach includes ‘cradle-to-grave’ management of operators and their environmental performance.

The future regulatory architecture targets information sharing with electronic systems that support dynamic workflows and review processes, automated alerts and notifications based on specific geographical thresholds. A central repository holds all information related to energy development and will support novel technologies including predictive analytics.

AER is launching a pilot project to investigate how it can ‘automate and systemize’ how it receives, assesses and reviews information submitted as part of the reclamation certificate process. The pilot builds on existing components at AER including a database from Informatica, Esri and Geocortex GIS functionality, a Tibco service bus and reporting tools from Tableau. New capabilities to be developed under the pilot include dynamic case management, an integrated transaction system and the user interface.

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