Cyber security round-up

Cyber news and views from SAP, Maana, Alert Logic, Attivo, Bayshore, Mocana and US NIST.

SAP blogger Brent Potts reports that cyberattacks currently cost businesses as much as $400 billion a year globally, rising to $90 trillion by 2030. Malicious cyberattacks are on the rise and the IoT revolution is adding to the concerns of security threats. Petrobras’ network was reportedly hacked by the US National Security Agency!

Maana is applying its AI system to phishing detection, a ‘major threat to oil and gas companies.’ Maana’s natural language processing helps analysts identify phishing attempts.

A study by Forrester Consulting for Alert Logic has found that ‘companies struggle to adapt security operations to cloud.’ The study, based on a survey of 100 IT professionals found that businesses are challenged to recruit staff and secure finances for in-house security. The findings are music to the ears of Alert Logic, a provider of ‘security-as-a-service’ solutions for the cloud.

Attivo Networks received the 2016 Best of Show in security at Interop Tokyo for its Deception platform that provides inside-the-network threat detection for networks, clouds and ICS-scada environments.

Bayshore NetworksIT/OT Gateway now has the capability to protect against malware attacks such as BlackEnergy, IronGate, and StuxNet. Policy-based security detects ICS/scada malware.

Mocana has teamed with Infineon to embed the latter’s Optiga trusted platform module into its ‘security of things’ platform. Optiga’s TPMs are standalone security controllers based on the international standards of the Trusted Computing Group.

US NIST Special Publication 800-46 is a 50 plus page guide to enterprise telework, remote access and bring your own device security. NIST has also released its Strategic plan for NICE, the National initiative for cybersecurity education.

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