Baker sale round 2

After falling at the post in an aborted sale to Halliburton, a new suitor emerges. Baker is to merge with GE Oil & Gas. But what of the software?

GE is to merge its oil and gas unit with Baker Hughes, paying BH shareholders $7 billion and keeping a 62% share of the merged company which will be led by GE’s Lorenzo Simonelli. The deal raises some interesting questions on the software front and GE CEO Jeff Immelt is counting on growth opportunities for its Predix big data platform.

Earlier this year GE announced a partnership with Paradigm and opened-up the possibility that this upstream software suite might integrate with Predix. The merger with Baker Hughes brings another geoscience toolkit in the form of Jewel Suite and another candidate for Predix integration.

Elsewhere GE and Predix have been in overdrive of late with the announcement of a Predix-based ‘digital mine’ and new software solutions for ‘digital water.’ Should you be interested in joining the new behemoth, GE is hiring, in particular at its Knowledge discovery lab which is seeking folks with big data skills including ‘text mining, semantic technologies, massive-scale/big data processing and real-time complex event processing.’ Languages (Python, Matlab, R, Java, C++) and semantic web experience (Prolog, JENA, OWL/RDFS, SPARQL) are a plus. And you can apply here.

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