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NSF on reproducibility. Energistics, OPC Foundation map Witsml to OPC UA. New IOGP Geomatics guidance note, Open Geospatial Consortium approves CDB simulator standard. Oracle donates EBOs to Open Applications Group. New Chem eStandard released.

The US National Science Foundation has just published a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter advocating and encouraging reproducibility in computing and communications research. Reproducibility is designed to correct research bias toward positive results, to avoid overemphasis on presenting ‘breakthroughs’ and to correct a lack of incentives for researchers to retract irreproducible findings.

A joint Energistics/OPC Foundation workgroup reports progress mapping Energistics’ Witsml model into the OPC UA object model. The group has identified initial targets Witsml models and use cases for the companion specification. Work also progresses on the semi-automatic translation of the XML Schema and/or UML that is used by Energistics to define the WITSML model into OPC UA models. The work is likely to extend to Prodml to OPC UA translation.

IOGP has published Report 373-23, Geomatics Guidance Note 23 that clarifies issues associated with the usage of the web Mercator coordinate reference system for web mapping in oil and gas.

The Open Geospatial Consortium has approved the ‘common database’ (CDB) as an OGC standard. Originally developed for battlefield simulation, the CDB can also be used as a geospatial data repository for legacy systems. A CDB ‘synthetic environment’ data store contains geospatial data that represents the natural environment, including terrain relief, imagery, 3D models of static and moving objects.

Oracle has contributed its Enterprise business objects and associated IP to the Open Applications Group. While the Oracle EBOs are ‘no longer supported by Oracle’ OAGi takes the gift as ‘proof of Oracle’s commitment to Open Standards.’ OAGi also announced the release of Chem eStandards Release 5.4 which includes mapping to the Japanese chemical industry’s JPCA-BP EDI standard.

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