Emerson on tank management

White paper advocates a ’system engineering’ approach to shale well site equipment monitoring.

A white paper from Emerson addresses the optimization of shale operations in the face of difficult market conditions. A study found that a major problem in moving to a new drill site was variability in pad facilities. A lack of hardware uniformity made it hard to deploy uniform solutions and to take advantage of reusable engineering.

Emerson used a system engineering approach that leverages a small number of critical devices and systems placed strategically to deliver data through a consistent architecture. Guided wave radar level sensors feed into a data historian such that all information on oil pumped into a specific tank can be analyzed without the need to send a technician to the tank roof. The solution offers condition monitoring of pumps and compressors with acoustic and vibration sensors feeding into the historian. It is claimed that the modular platform for well site equipment and operation ‘does not require a major integration project.’ Emerson claims 30,000 licenses have been sold to date worldwide.

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