Big data, internet of things news

Recent big data/IoT news from NIST, PrismTech, Quorum, BitStew, Honeywell, NTT, OneM2M.

The US NIST IT Laboratory has published an introduction to the Networks of things’ proposing a foundational science and common vocabulary in an academic fashion. Whether this will stand up against the terminological onslaught of the vendor community is moot.

An explanation of IoT concepts and technology choices is available in PrismTech’s white paper, ‘Vortex at the edge.’ Vortex is Prismtech’s implementation of the DDS protocol for fog/cloud computing.

Quorum’s white paper, ‘Energy driven by innovation’ provides a top-level view of the cloud, with a list of cloud providers, NoSQL database options and machine learning toolsets. BDA has application in land decision making, drilling and reserves estimation.

BitStew’s presentation of its Mix Core framework for machine intelligence outlines various analytical options and a real-world use case analyzing information streams from ‘full authority digital engine control’ (Fadec) sensors on jet engines.

Honeywell’s new ‘connected performance services’ for refiners and gas processing plants provides cloud-based IoT analytics for design and optimization of catalysis.

NTT Japan’s Virtual Engineering Community and Mitsui Chemicals report data-driven modeling success in predicting gas plant outputs from 51 input data streams.

On the standards front OneM2M, a global standards initiative for machine-to-machine communications has published Release 2 of its protocol for connecting IoT applications and devices.

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