Paradigm to Petrel via RESQML

Standards-based data exchange minimizes data loss risk.

Paradigm reports use of the relatively new Resqml model data exchange protocol to exchange geological models between its own interpretation and modeling environment and Schlumberger’s Petrel. Energistics’ Resqml is a non-proprietary data exchange standard for reservoir characterization data and cellular geological and flow models.

Data can be exported from Paradigm applications into Petrel via the Petrel Connector, a plug-in to Petrel developed by Paradigm. Resqml consists of a set of XML schemas (XSD files) and other standards-based technologies like HDF5. Using the protocol minimizes the risk of data exchange issues such as data loss or corruption, enhancing productivity. Other connectors allow for exchange of data from Paradigm’s Geolog and Epos environments. More from Paradigm.

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