Geospatial Corp’s GeoUnderground pipeline manager

Google Maps and cloud storage help out with US Pipes Act compliance.

Google Maps technology partner Geospatial Corp. reports that its ‘GeoUnderground’ pipeline management system will help operators of gathering, transmission and distributions systems comply with the new rules emanating from the 2016 US Pipes Act. The act empowers the Pipeline hazardous material safety administration (PHMSA) to require various certifications, data management, testing and mapping of all types of the more than 3 million miles of buried pipelines across the USA.

Geospatial chairman and CEO Mark Smith said, ‘We are well positioned to benefit from the new PHMSA regulations. Oil and gas is a major part of our current and future business and clients have been paying attention to the accuracy and completeness of their asset mapping in anticipation of the new regulations.’ GeoUnderground, leverages the Google Maps API and cloud to provide a ‘total solution’ to underground and aboveground asset management. The solution assures accurate positioning of assets and creates three-dimensional digital maps and models of underground infrastructure.

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