Ellis, Geoteric team on ‘cognitive’ seismic interpretation

Seismic image processing meets sequence stratigraphy as boutiques connect.

Geoteric (a.k.a. Foster Findlay/FFA) has teamed with Montpellier, France-headquartered Ellis to combine its image-processing approach to seismic interpretation with Eliis’ ‘Paleoscan’ guided/automated stratigraphic analysis. The collaboration involves the development of a ‘seamless’ link between GeoTeric and PaleoScan and is claimed to be a step forward in ‘cognitive seismic interpretation.’ The aim is to improve the precision of horizon interpretation and the detail obtained from color blends and multi-attribute volumes.

Oil IT Journal caught up with Eliis at the EAGE and checked out functionality in the Paleoscan 2016 release. There really are a lot of attributes on offer, and that was before the hook up with FFA. Now the temptation for data futzing across the two platforms must be great, although this should be mitigated by Paleoscan’s increasingly impressive auto picking. Ellis also provides links to Petrel. Another connector for Landmark’s DecisionSpace is under development. For pre-stack work Ellis teams with Sharp Reflections.

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