Emerson gets device power from heat

Perpetua’s Power Pucks integrated with Rosemount wireless data transducers.

Emerson is using a novel power source for its Rosemount line of wireless data transducers. The technology, from Corvallis, Oregon-based Perpetua uses excess heat from (typically) refinery processes to generate electricity. Perpetua’s thermoelectric ‘Power Pucks’ are said to reduce operating and maintenance costs and to simplify wireless technology adoption.

The Power Puck energy harvester provides continuous, reliable power for the life of the transmitter and includes an intrinsically safe module for back-up power. The Power Puck connects to flat and curved surfaces at temperatures of up to 450°C. The intrinsically safe solutions are classified for use in hazardous areas (ATEX and IECEx). More from Emerson.

Another ‘alternative’ energy source is reported by Honeywell whose UOP modular natural gas processing equipment has allowed Virginia Indonesia Co. to use natural gas straight from the wellhead to power on-site equipment. The fuel gas-conditioning unit uses Honeywell’s Separex technology to remove corrosive contaminants from natural gas streams, allowing it to ‘safely and reliably fuel on-site machinery.’ More from Honeywell.

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