PODS Next Generation

Pipeline open data standards association delivers proof-of-concept logical model.

The Pipeline open data standards association, Pods has reported progress on its ‘next generation’ pipeline data model. The new model sets out to address problems with the legacy Pods model including performance, implementation issues and the disparity between vendor solutions. Pods is also to address the ‘exponential’ growth of pipeline data, new reporting requirements from PHMSA and FERC and new technologies. The aim is for a simple, well documented schema along with clear guidance for implementers, data loaders and QA/QC tools.

At the core of Pods-NG is a single logical model, instantiated as either an Esri geodatabase, a relational projection or as a file-based protocol for data exchange. Esri’s APR-compatible linear referencing is to be used throughout. Currently the work group has delivered a proof of concept edition of the logical model and XML-based specs for exchange of pipeline and associated business data and metadata.

Image Matters was selected to develop PODS-NG following a reviews process. IM president Kurt Buehler is a specialist in data standards development having previously worked with the Open geospatial consortium on the Geospatial interoperability framework and on NIEM, the National information exchange model. More from Pods.

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