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Energistics Prodml V2.0. IOGP on naturally occurring radioactive material. DNV-GL safety spec. Open Geospatial’s Sensor Things. The Open Group’s business architecture. Fiatech’s ‘Eye in the sky.'

Energistics has announced a candidate release of Prodml V2.0 with new domain capabilities and data objects covering simple volume reporting, fluid and PVT analysis and distributed acoustic sensing data exchange.

An IOGP task force set up to study the management of naturally occurring radioactive material (Norm) in the oil and gas industry has concluded with the issuance of IOGP Report 412. Uncontrolled work activities involving Norm can pose a risk to human health and the environment. The comprehensive, 68 page report addresses Norm risk evaluation and mitigation.

DNV-GL has published a ‘Service specification’ (DNVGL-SE-0466) to help operators comply with the EU directive on the safety of offshore oil and gas operations. The spec addresses key aspects to be targeted by third-party verification during operations.

The Open geospatial consortium’s SensorThings API has been officially adopted. The API provides a ‘geospatially enabled’ internet of things including sensors, smart watches and ‘smart shirts!’ A smart pants edition will be available real soon now. SensorThings leverages the Rest, Json, Mqtt and OData protocols.

The Open Group has released its Open business architecture (O-BA–Part I), a painfully longwinded description of ‘an approach to the practice of business architecture in the decision making and direction-setting phase of enterprise transformation.’ The 85 page document includes business planning, initiative development and the use of TOG’s companion ‘Togaf’ standard.

Fiatech’s Eye in the sky project addresses the ‘safe and efficient operation’ of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) equipped with visual sensors to produce accurate and complete 3D imagery for monitoring construction projects. Project members include University of Illinois and engineer Zachry Group.

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