ITF announces petrophysics JIP

Petgas III to further develop PETMiner software.

ITF, the UK’s ‘Industry Technology Facilitator’, with partners Energie Beheer Nederland and Petroleum Development Oman, have launched a joint industry project, Petgas III, a.k.a. the petrophysics of tight gas sandstones. The project’s earlier phases saw the creation of a database of petrophysical properties along with the development of ‘PETMiner,’ a software tool for petrophysical data browsing and visualization.

Phase III will involve further development of the database to improve log interpretation and reservoir characterization during exploration, appraisal and production. Project partners, EBN and PDO, are contributing £321K in total and the project, now in its third phase, will run for a period of three years. The project remains open to late participants. More from ITF.

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