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Baker HughesWellLink performance service helps drillers minimize ‘invisible’ lost time by transforming data into ‘instantly actionable’ information.

CGG GeoSoftware’s Jason 9.5 adds depth inversion, broadband reservoir characterization and anisotropic inversion that improves model well ties.

Valmie Resources and AeroLift eXpress are to unveil drone-based delivery for offshore operations. AeroLift’s ‘military grade’ drone technology delivers payloads of up to 14lbs out to 250 miles.

American Reliance and Airbus have released Gator, a rugged, ‘battle-grade’ laptop for geospatial applications in the field. The hardware/geospatial data server bundle targets inter alia oil and gas field crews, first responders and exploration.

Ikon Science’s RokDoc 6.3.3 update includes usability and visualization enhancements, a variogram analyzer for geostatistical analysis of wells, maps and volumes and improvements to Ji-Fi and to Ikon’s geomechanics and pore pressure prediction solutions.

The new V9.0 release of Aspen Tech’s AspenOne brings improvements to the Excel interface and HySys’ case study tools. A new DMC3 Builder speeds APC controller deployment. Schedules can be tracked in real time with the new map monitor in Fleet Optimizer.

Bit Stew Systems has announced MIx Core V10, a ‘self-service solution’ for industrial internet data management. MIx Core applies machine intelligence to automate data integration, eliminating the time and cost associated with ‘continuous data wrangling.’

Blue Marble’s Geographic Calculator 2016 now supports Petrel database files. The latest 2016 SP1 release adds updates from a new online GeoCalc geodetic registry and access to coordinate system definitions in a Petrel CTL database. Seismic survey conversion now supports SEG-Y data and is synchronized with the EPSG Registry.

Billington Process Technology’s FSG flare modeler detects and stores scenario candidates for further analysis, avoiding over-engineering of flare networks. BPT-FSG can triage model results and identify those sources that are likely to generate peak flows.

Drillinginfo has added new functionality to its E&P intelligence and decision support tool DI Transform 5.1. Users can leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics to gather insights into potential M&A targets and to establish best practices for drilling and completion. Clients also have access to a new probabilistic decline curve analysis tool providing a range of possible EURs.

The US Energy Information Administration has released a free software tool that allows users to import energy data from its online API into Google Sheets. The EIA API exposes 1.2 million data series in its open data program. The previously released Excel add-in generates some 100,000 requests/month. Google’s spreadsheet is available through the Chrome Webstore.

FaultSeal has released Prospect VX, a ‘fast, easy-to-use volumetrics’ package designed for ‘21st Century’ reservoir types. The tool models uncertainty in geologic processes with a range of methods for generating gross rock volume distributions. The package is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Gexcon’s Flacs V10.5 supports native import of Aveva RVM files, digital terrain model import and a new utility for managing and reporting geometry objects and counting volumes.

Geocomputing Group has announced RiVA, the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated geocomputing environment, delivered as a hardware appliance, certified for a wide range of commercial geoscientific applications. RiVA comes in a 42U rack cabinet with each rack supporting 8-40 virtual workstations with 480TB of storage. Each workstation has access to 7-28 processor cores, is allocated between 256GB-1TB of memory, has a dedicated GPU and a 56Gbs InfiniBand connection to the shared parallel file system.

Petrosys has embedded its mapping application into the Schlumberger Petrel ecosystem. The ‘Petrel mapping module by Petrosys’ is available in the 2016.1 Petrel release.

Quorum’s new ‘myQuorum’ pipeline manager improves operational efficiency by collecting and automating disparate workflows and key business processes.

Energy Navigator’s Val Nav 2016 engineering and reserves software promises enhanced data management, data editing and auditing features along with over 60 user-requested enhancements and a new spreadsheet import tool grid viewer.

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