Eurotech bundles Nutanix, Nvidia, VMWare for Paradigm

3D virtual desktop infrastructure bundle supports interpretation suite on hyper converged hardware.

Eurotech has just published a position paper on the use of 3D ‘virtual desktop infrastructure’ (VDI) technology in seismic processing and interpretation. The Eurotech solution, developed in collaboration with Paradigm, provides a cloud-based, ‘easy to manage,’ high performance, scalable platform for remote delivery of a 3D seismic processing and interpretation capability.

To date, costly, high powered desktops have been required for such functionality. Today, geographically dispersed users expect remote access to data, creating an ‘unprecedented’ technical challenge for IT. Eurotech’s answer, move the whole shebang to the cloud and leverage modern VDI to deliver 3D graphics to a local terminal. VDI enables a server in a remote data center to support multiple virtual desktops. Moreover these can deliver a 3D seismic application to any device, across almost any connection. VDI can be delivered as a private or public cloud, eliminating the need for businesses to make costly infrastructure investments or to manage complexity that doesn’t add direct value.

The Paradigm/Eurotech cloud solution is based on the ‘hyper-converged’ Nutanix 7000 series nodes that are designed specifically for 3D VDI workloads. High end graphics performance comes from the latest generation of Nvidia GRID graphics cards and VMware’s GPU virtualization technology.

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