C3 IoT for Engie’s digital transformation

Three year program ‘one of the largest internet of things initiatives in the world.'

Engie (formerly GdF Suez) has selected C3 IoT’s internet of things platform as the technology foundation for its enterprise-wide digital transformation. C3 IoT will support Engie’s AWS/elastic cloud computing, big data, analytics, machine learning and internet of things initiatives.

Engie CEO Isabelle Kocher said, ‘C3 IoT is an essential partner in our transformation and will place us at the vanguard of the IoT revolution.’ At the heart of the initiative is Engie’s ‘digital factory,’ a group of 100 analytics and data scientists. C3 IoT, an enterprise-scale application development platform, combines cloud computing with ubiquitous access to sensor data, enterprise systems and external sources. Amazon’s IoT cloud services for connected devices also ran. The three year transformation is said to be one of the largest IoT programs in the world. More from C3 IoT.

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