Interica, Cegal team on Petrel data management

PARS project archiver integrated with Blueback Project Tracker.

Interica has partnered with Cegal to integrate the latter’s Blueback Project Tracker with Interica’s PARS E&P ‘application aware’ project archiving and retrieval solution. The move enhances Interica’s support for Schlumberger’s Petrel. Results from Blueback’s project scans be captured into a PARS archive and stored as meta-data along with a Petrel project. The combined solution is said to provide data managers with tools to maintain, order and structure Petrel project files and data across the network.

Interica CEO Simon Kendall said, ‘PARS interfaces with all the leading E&P applications. Integration with Project Tracker provides clients with efficient ways to manage their Petrel landscape.’ Cegal’s Ketil Waagbø added, ‘This integration allows users to get more value from their investment in the Project Tracker. These complementary products now assure full life cycle control of Petrel projects.’ More from Interica.

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