Ontology summit Communiqué

Semantic interoperability ecosystems explained.

Semantics and ontologies crop up here and there in oil and gas as witnessed by our report on Statoil’s IoT on page 3. But it can be hard trying to figure out exactly what is meant when folks throw around terms like ‘semantics’ and ‘ontology.’

A recent Communiqué from the 2016 Ontology summit may help those struggling with the black art. The 24 page document, describes the use of ontologies in ‘semantic interoperability ecosystems’ such as the internet of things, the smart grid and machine learning. The venerable ISO 15926 gets a mention as does Nasa’s ‘Sweet’ earth sciences ontology. A section compares the different (competing?) upper ontologies including the BFO we reviewed recently (OITJ 2016 N°3). Download the Communiqué here.

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