LBC Artificial lift congress - Pipe Fractional Flow

New analytical model for life-of-well and h-well artificial lift targets complex, multiphase flow.

Speaking at the 2016 LBC Artificial lift congress North America held in Houston earlier this year, Anand Nagoo (Pipe Fractional Flow) presented his analytical multiphase flow model for horizontal well planning and artificial lift. PFF’s approach differs from earlier empirical and mechanistic techniques which have failed to adapt to modern well trajectories and complex liquid loading and transients.

Various equipment combinations and operating conditions can change flow behavior. Slug control, bubbly flow and recirculating gas need to be considered along with well intervention costs and timing. The downturn represents an opportunity to innovate and to replace wrong paradigms with validated solutions. ‘Get efficient in a sub-$50 world or game over!’ To correct earlier ‘unreasonable arguments and practices’ Nagoo has established the global pipe flow database, Anna, billed as a publicly-accessible, cross-referenced source of data spanning over 65 years of peer-reviewed archival journal publications, conference proceedings, and theses from over 110 different multiphase flow loop labs.

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